Cameron Lam


After growing up in Orange in country NSW, Cameron Lam is now based in Sydney, NSW working as a composer and hybrid art-production company Kammerklang. He is an avid dabbler and appreciator of the various arts, having completed his honours in Composition at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and currently studying static and dance trapeze at B&B Studios under performance artist Lil Tulloch.

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The Colour of Woods, for marimba and temple blocks.

“Written for percussionist Claire Edwardes in Kammerklang’s first project, Kammerklang 2009, ‘The Colour of Woods’ explores the physicality of percussion playing, often sending the poor percussionist careening from one end of the marimba to the other, as well as the depth of tone colours available with wooden percussion.

The piece was inspired by the mythological stories and character of Coyote in Tom Sidell’s Gunnerkrigg Court and seeks to capture his otherworldly, powerful and playful essence.”

Featured in Playlist 1: Chamber Waves (31/1/15)

Orphic Hymn No 9: Selene, for solo soprano, solo mezzo-soprano and chamber orchestra.

Orphic Hymn #9 is chronologically the second of the 87 Orphic Hymns I have set and is dedicated to Selene, the Greek moon goddess. Programmatically, the piece follows the ritual of two moon priestesses; one a wise old crone, the mezzo-soprano, and the soprano, a naïve apprentice. These characters present the original Ancient Greek text as well as the English translation, prepared by Karl Hand, highlighting their different viewpoints on the mystical nature of the moon.

Featured in Long Waves – August 2016.