Elissa Goodrich


Elissa Goodrich is a musician (percussionist), sound artist & composer with an abiding interest in contemporary music across idioms & collaborative arts-making. A Victorian College of the Arts graduate and University of Melbourne Masters postgraduate, Elissa’s sound-art works have played in; Centre de Cultura Contemporanea Barcelona’s Sound Art Zeppellin Festivals (Spain), Soundwaves Festival & International Lightworks Festival (UK), Sonori Sguardi, & Tempo Reale, (Italy), Melbourne International Arts Festival (Australia),
Elissa records & performs in contemporary classical, jazz & pop groups & co-led world-jazz Shannon-Goodrich Ensemble with 2 nominations for 2009 Australian Jazz Work of the Year from their Worlds Within Worlds CD. Elissa also works in independent theatre & dance, including long-term collaboration with director Bagryana Popov (1998–current).Over 2015/16, in collaboration with writer Cressida Bradley, Elissa created a major soundwork ‘Between Footsteps’ hosted at Heide Museum of Modern Art – sculpture park, supported by Creative Victoria. This year Elissa will also create a new work with evolutionary biologist Dr Anna Syme for Elissa’s Carlton Connect Artist Residency.

Composer website:  via CDbaby.com


Rust and Endless Windows and Dreamweaver, from Between Footsteps for vibraphone, electric guitar and percussion (found objects) .

Both these works originate from the project ‘Between Footsteps’, with compositions inspired by 6 sculptures in Heide Museum of Modern Art’s sculpture park. The album features members of Elissa’s outfit States of Play, the excellent Melbourne-based artists, in highly original music that travels across emotional landscapes and bends traditional genres. Dreamweaves was recorded live and in one take.

Featured in Minimalist Waves October 2016