Harmonic Waves (May 2019)

We’re delighted to feature ten wonderful composers and works in this month’s playlist Harmonic Waves. The connecting thread between these stylistically divergent works is harmony: some preoccupation with the sonorities arising from pitch relationships – intervals, chords, chord progressions, ostinati – whether across the familiar diatonic grid or in the granular spaces between. These collected works offer quite evocative explorations of themes of motion, emotion and/or communication across the musical spectrum from jazz to concert art music. We hope you enjoy and savour these sounds from some familiar and some new featured composers.


Hear something that catches your attention? To find out more about a musical work, click on the track name in the playlist and then again on ‘view track’. To find out more about a particular composer, click on their name in the ‘Details’ section below.


  1. Jabra Latham, Beyond
    for viola, cello, double bass, electric guitar, piano, celeste. Performed by Douglas Coghill, Ivan James, James Menzies, Amanda Hodder, Nick Parish.
  2. Ellen Kirkwood, Rising Tide
    for 15 piece big band. Performed by Sirens Big Band, mixed by Matthew Stuart.
  3. Natalie Nicolas, The Rose That Wept
    for string quartet. Performed by Flinders Quartet.
  4. Jessica Lindsay Smith, Young and Wandering
    for alto saxophone, piano, double bass & drum kit. Performed by Holly Moore (alto saxophone), Selene Messinis (piano), Isaac Gunnoo (double bass), Maddison Carter (drum kit).
  5. Kirsten Milenko, Speak
    for vocal ensemble. Performed by DR VokalEnsemblet.
  6. Clare Strong, Gypsy Trio
    for piano trio. Performed by Rollin Zhao, Daniel Smith and Julia Hastings.
  7. Elissa Goodrich, Conversation 5 from Bach Conversations
    for voice, marimba, bolivian rattle, frame drum. Performed by Ria Soemardjo (voice and frame drum), Elissa Goodrich (bolivian rattle and marimba).
  8. Andrew Ball, Time On The Scale Of A Colossus
    for saxophones and clarinets. Performed by Barega Sax Quartet and clarinettists Andrew Kennedy and Annie Larsen.
  9. Christopher Healey, Miniature 1
    for piano. Performed by Adam McMillan.
  10. Jaslyn Robertson, Wandering
    for quartertone flugelhorn. Performed by Tristram Williams.

We’d love to hear about your listening experience! Share your thoughts or send messages of support to our featured composers and performers in the comment box below. We also encourage you to click through to Soundcloud or YouTube to like, comment and subscribe to Making Waves as well as the composers, performers, and presenters featured.

The Harmonic Waves playlist will be featured until 1st June 2019. All previous playlists from 2015 to present are available in our blog archives for the life of the project, so please do explore the website for previously featured sounds.

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