2015 Waves

It has been an amazing year for Making Waves. Thank you for joining us as listeners, composers and performers on this new experiment and journey.  We have loved every moment of our first year as your helpful guides to embracing new sonic adventures and the talented faces that composed them.

In 2015 we released 11 playlists featuring 70 Australian composers and over 11 hours of contemporary music. Yes, that’s right, Lisa and Peggy lovingly listened to countless hours of submitted music to bring you the best of ‘what’ and ‘who’ is Making Waves around the country! How many of these amazing works did you discover this year? What was your favourite playlist theme? Was there a work that took your breath away?

As a special gift to you this festive season, we’ve brought together all the tracks featured this year in one marathon listing list for the holiday season. 2015 Waves offers all of our previously featured content in one place, including: 3 albums from Bandcamp, 8 1/2 hours worth of music from Soundcloud, and 1 hour of visual works on YouTube.  Whether you pick through your favourites, catch up on the year of composers, performers and works, or have a binge-listen on shuffle, we hope that you enjoy! We encourage you to leave your thoughts, most-enjoyed playlists, listening experiences and listening suggestions for others in the comment section below.

In other news:

Don’t miss your chance to win one of our mystery new music gifts (hint: think CDs and scores!) by responding to our listener feedback survey. To go in to the draw, submit your feedback via our online form by 9am Tuesday 12th January, 2016.

Peggy and Lisa are looking forward to a week of intensive planning over directions for MW – in person for the first time – in Melbourne mid-January 2016. We also can’t wait to tell you a little more about the interest we have had from listeners all around the world. To stay tuned for news about this, our special activities in 2016 and to be the first to receive our once-monthly playlists, we encourage you to subscribe via email here:

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Composers, as  always, we encourage you to Submit your latest work to us at any time.

Wishing you all a safe and relaxing festive season full of new sonic adventures. We look forward to seeing you all again in the new year!

Lisa & Peggy
Making Waves


The ‘playlist’ button will bring up a track listing which you can use to skip back and forth between the works.  If you want to check out the playlist and works in more detail, there is a button at the bottom right of the picture taking you directly through to YouTube. Please be mindful that this is an hour worth of video, and it will chew the data! If you were going to tune in on a mobile device without a large data allowance, please consider listening in over wi-fi instead.


Click the play button to stream audio, or the album title, ‘buy’ and/or ‘share’ links to proceed through to the Bandcamp page listing full album and recording details.


To find out more about a musical work, click on the track name in the playlist and then again on ‘view track’.

The 2015 Waves playlist will be featured until the end of January, 2016, after which we will add the first playlist for 2016 on February 1st (with a special little update scheduled for January). Stay tuned!

2015 Playlists

Meanwhile, the monthly playlists from 2015 are listed here if you want to look at any of these in more detail. These will remain archived on the Making Waves website into 2016 and beyond, so do revisit anytime.

2015 Composers

And for more information on all the composers and artists featured in 2015:

2 thoughts on “2015 Waves

  1. Carol Dixon says:

    Well done to you both – thank you for sharing the list.

    I think this has been an amazing project you have embarked upon. What an extraordinary effort and a wonderful service to others.

    Thank you,


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