Fragile Waves (July 2018)

This month’s playlist theme explores the notion of fragility.  We have especially collected works into this playlist that could be described as sonically evolving towards and/or devolving away from something.  We loved savouring the beauty and experimentalism represented in the sounds and concepts behind them, in this months playlist. From ‘the protest and ode to the unique aesthetics and idiosyncrasies of the virtualised, digital hyperreality’ (what a description!) in the opening track by Kevin Atkins, to a work for 13 prepared ‘dollar store’ toy recorders by Pony Horseman and a game theory work for clarinet and dog by Solomon Frank, this playlist most certainly has it all and something more. We hope you enjoy!

Hear something that catches your attention? To find out more about a musical work, click on the track name in the playlist and then again on ‘view track’. To find out more about a particular composer, click on their name in the ‘Details’ section below.


  1. Kevan Atkins, Int Rf.renCe
    for fixed media electronics.
  2. Lucy Kong, Kaleidoscope
    for electronics, violin and voice.  Poetry by Vanessa Yeoman.  Performed by Julia Lim (violin), Lucy Kong (vocals).  Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Lucy Kong
  3. Jessica Lindsay Smith, Shinjuku
    for alto saxophone, bass clarinet, trumpet, percussion, piano, double bass, drum kit.  Performed by Holly Moore (Alto saxophone), Thomas D’Ath (Bass clarinet), Anthony Foon (Trumpet), Ollie Iacono (Shaker and vibraphone), Selene Messinis (Piano), Isaac Gunnoo (Double Bass), Maddison Carter (Drum kit).
  4. Josephine Macken, Death of a Naturalist
    for voices.  Workshopped and performed by the SCM creative vocal ensemble.
  5. Angus Davison, Fantasia on a Webern Row
    for triple winds, brass and percussion.
  6. Pony Horseman, First Time Recorders
    for 13 prepared ‘dollar store’ toy recorders.
  7. Solomon Frank, Clarinet Sonata No. 1
    for B flat clarinet and dog.  Performed by Solomon Frank and Mia Frank.
  8. Liam Mulligan, Hans Zimmer Found a Loop Pedal
    for electronics.
  9. Ethan Connor McAlister, Waves
    for electric guitar quartet.  Performed by Mauricio Carrasco, Sophie Marcheff, Jake Donohue, and Ethan Connor McAlister.

We’d love to hear about your listening experience! Share your thoughts or send messages of support to our featured composers and performers in the comment box below. We also encourage you to click through to Soundcloud to like, comment and subscribe to Making Waves as well as the composers, performers, and presenters featured.

The Fragile Waves playlist will be featured until the 1st of August 2018. All previous playlists from 2015 to present are available in our blog archives for the life of the project, so please do explore the website for previously featured sounds.

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