We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming to Bring You…

Dear Listeners,

Happy 1st of the month! We’re stopping by to let you know that we’re taking a short break during May from the usual monthly playlist release. But don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of music and insightful interviews for you check out instead!

We’re over the moon to introduce you to our brand new Australian Composers’ Podcast titled ‘Making Conversation‘.

The Making Conversation: Australian Composers’ Podcast is a series of interviews with Australian composers around the country and internationally. Since July 2016, a team of 10 emerging music journalists have busily been recording and producing 30 episodes of this series. Making Conversation launched on Friday 21 April 2017 and will run until Friday 11 November 2017. Listeners can expect to hear about: creative motivation, studying, working a portfolio career, juggling creativity with day jobs and parenting, technique, productivity, gender, growing up with music, and much more. The Making Conversation Podcast is proudly brought to you by Making Waves thanks to your generous crowdfunding support, and the support of Creative Partnerships Australia through their MATCH program 2016.

You can subscribe to the podcast via iTunes, or search for “Making Conversation” in your favourite Podcast/RSS service or app (eg Stitcher, Pocket Casts).  Or copy and paste the following feed address: https://makingwavesnewmusic.com/category/podcast/feed/
If you’re not into listening on your phone, you can also listen directly on our site.

You can also stay up-to-date with the project by subscribing to Making Waves email bulletins, and you will receive an alert for each new episode. We’re also releasing episodes out via our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@makingwavesnewmusic) and encourage you to join the conversation.  You can also keep up with the project at makingwavesnewmusic.com/podcast

Series Lineup

Who can you expect to hear from throughout the series? Well, we don’t want to completely ruin the surprise! Instead, we’ll let you in on the first 10 episodes:

  1. Anne Cawrse interviewed by David John Lang (21 April)
  2. Michael Sollis interviewed by Leah Blankendaal (28 April)
  3. Annie Hsieh interviewed by Chris Williams (5 May)
  4. May Lyon interviewed by Matthew Lorenzon (12 May)
  5. Alex Turley interviewed by Rebecca Erin Smith (19 May)
  6. Jenna Cave interviewed by Antonia Zappia (26 May)
  7. Lisa Young interviewed by Lisa Cheney (2 June)
  8. Peter McNamara interviewed by Peggy Polias (9 June)
  9. Connor D’Netto interviewed by Sascha Kelly (16 June)
  10. Maria Grenfell interviewed by Stephanie Eslake (23 June)

We’re so proud of this series and the team’s amazing work in capturing the audio and video recordings and producing these episodes, and we hope you enjoy hearing the series!

Did you know that you can catch some related listening over at ABC Classic FM, via the New Waves podcast?  The second of four episodes specially produced by Making Waves recently went to air on 20 April 2017: Making Waves 2 – Boundaries of Style.

Finally, as always, the Making Waves playlist archive is available online.  This month is a great opportunity for some catch up listening if you’re looking for that new music fix!

Lisa Cheney & Peggy Polias
Making Waves

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