New Zealand Waves (Special Edition 2018)

We believe in fostering supportive relationships and collaboration throughout our small international new music community. This is why we’re delighted to hand over to our guest curator, New Zealand composer Simon Eastwood for this Special Edition Playlist. It’s our very second international one! We offer our thanks to Simon for taking the time to put together an outstanding hour of music from our amazing colleagues ‘across the ditch’. We’re sure that as you listen to this fantastic playlist you’ll agree that this quality playlist highlights ten extremely talented composers, all of whom we encourage you to note, follow, support, program and collaborate with in ways that might be most meaningful to you. We’ll be putting the spotlight on these composers and their works on our social media over the next week, so stay tuned (or click on the composer profiles below) to learn more about the talent emerging from New Zealand.

A note from our guest curator, Simon Eastwood:

“I was fortunate to meet Lisa last year at the Melbourne Recital Centre. I’d come over for a rehearsal with Rubiks Collective and was telling her how impressed I was with the diversity and vitality of the Melbourne scene. Eventually during the conversation, however, I had to confess that I didn’t really know very many Australian composers beyond perhaps Peter Sculthorpe and Liza Lim, and, I suspected, nor did many of my colleagues in New Zealand. We remarked on that fact that, despite the close relationships between our countries, neither of us seemed to have much awareness of the music being made by out contemporaries across the ditch, and that when it came to discovering new music we both had a tendency to look towards Europe or the United States before we considered the music of our neighbours.
“Even though we live at the edge of the world, New Zealand nonetheless has a small but extremely enthusiastic New Music community in which almost everybody knows each other, and are generally on good terms, enjoying a strong sense of camaraderie. Much of this can be attributed to the work of SOUNZ, the Centre for New Zealand Music and CANZ, the Composers Association of New Zealand, who run the annual Nelson Composers Workshop.
“During my own time overseas, in between trying to explain 1) where New Zealand was and 2) that there was more to the country than the Lord of the Rings, Ruby, and Lorde, I began to notice a few of the strange quirks that define New Zealanders as a people. As I noticed these I began to wonder whether some similar attributes could be found in New Zealand music. So far the only thing which seems to be consistent in New Zealand music this music is its diversity. The composers in this collection come from a wide range of backgrounds and reflect a variety of interests. Many are currently living abroad and are making their way in the world at large. Others originate from other places but have nonetheless made important contributions to the local music scene. Naomi Weinroth, for instance, comes from the United States but has made New Zealand her home for the last four years.
“There are of course many more composers whom I would like to have included in this list, but I have tried to give as wide a representation as possible of the voices currently active in New Zealand music. I also decided that for this playlist I would focus on younger emerging voices for this playlist, even thought there are are of course many established New Zealand composers who have written incredible music. For an informative and humorous overview of the history of New Zealand composition take a look at Alex Taylor and Celeste Oram’s talk at Darmstadt in 2016 My thanks to Lisa and Peggy for this opportunity bridge the divide between our nations, I look forward to hearing more Australian music in future playlists.”

P.S For sake of transparency, we insisted that Simon include one of his own works in the playlist, and goodness are we glad we did! Check it out below. Enjoy!


Hear something that catches your attention? To find out more about a musical work, click on the track name in the playlist and then again on ‘view track’. To find out more about a particular composer, click on their name in the ‘Details’ section below.

  1. Chris Gendall, Incident Tableaux part 1 (excerpts)
    For orchestra, performed by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, Hamish McKeich (cond.)
  2. Samuel Holloway, Matter
    For violin, viola, cello and piano, performed by Victoria Sayles (violin), Julia Joyce (viola), Andrew Joyce (cello), Stephen De Pledge (piano).
  3. Flo Wilson, (Please) Keep Breathing
    For voice and speaker.motion mechatronic soundsystem, composed, recorded and mixed by Flo Wilson. Mastering by Yosi Horikawa.
  4. Naomi Weinroth, Flower Symphony, 2nd Movement (excerpt)
    For orchestra, performed by New Zealand Symphony Orchestra (NZSO Todd Readings)
  5. Simon Eastwood, Horror Vacui
    For solo accordion, performed by Martynas Levickis
  6. Tristan Carter, Atticus Atlas
    For amplified cello and violin, performed by Tristan Carter and Charlie Davenport.
  7. Gemma Peacocke, Waves and Lines: Father
    For soprano, piano, double bass, percussion, and fixed electronics, performed by Eliza Bagg (soprano), Borah Han (piano), Adam Holmes (percussion), Shawn Lovato (double bass). Recorded by Yi-Wen Lai-Tremewan, mixed and mastered by Gregory Wayne Hanson Jr.
  8. Alex Taylor, [inner]
    For viola and orchestra, performed by Julia Joyce (viola) with the NZSO, conducted by Hamish McKeich
  9. Karlo Margetic, Lightbox
    For violin, cello and piano, performed by NZTrio (Justine Cormack – violin, Ashley Brown – cello, Sarah Watkins – piano). Recorded by Radio New Zealand Concert.


  1. Salina FisherTōrino- echoes on a pūtōrino
    For string quartet, performed by the New Zealand String Quartet (recorded by Radio New Zealand, filmed by SOUNZ Centre for New Zealand Music).

We’d love to hear about your listening experience! Share your thoughts or send messages of support to our featured composers and performers in the comment box below. We also encourage you to click through to Soundcloud to like, comment and subscribe to Making Waves as well as the composers, performers, and presenters featured.

The New Zealand Waves Special Edition playlist will be featured intensively over the second half of April and will remain on our blog archives for the life of the project in the Special Editions section.

We’re really excited about the prospect of inspiring some international dialogue, collaborations, and/or fandom.  If you’re an international listener to Making Waves, you might like to propose guest curation of a future Special Edition yourself? Contact us with your ideas.

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