Fiona Hill


Growing up wedged between factories and forest, it this space Fiona attempts to fill compositionally. Creating sounds that occupy an experimental, freethinking yet universally beautiful place is her objective. A common theme in Hill’s electroacoustic work is the sourcing of sounds from nature and industrial environments and blending these in a musical space incorporating acoustic instruments, live performers and spatialised sonic environments.

Electroacoustic projects include: the commission and premiere of an extended work (50 minutes) Chromoson in 2010 by Trinity Grammar School’s Society of the Arts, for electronics, solo soprano, and film in 10 channel surround sound with multiple projections, extended electroacoustic work (45 minutes) Unity in Blue for 9 musicians and electroacoustics in 2008 and Zephyr String Quartet’s WIRED project 2008. Her composition Spider for Zephyr Quartet’s WIRED project 2006 featured on Australian Broadcasting Commission’s Arts Sunday 2007 and at the Australian Computer Music Conference 2008. Other recent projects include TV series A Dog’s Tale (2017), audiobook Toilers of the Sea (2015) and short film Milk and Cookies, shortlisted for Tropfest (2014). Earlier chamber music works were composed through a series of commissions from South Australian group The Firm, which resulted in the performances of Integrals, Signwaves and Decomposition for Strings.

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Featured Works

Spider, for string quartet and electronics.

Spider is based on the poem ‘Spider’ by Iranian-Australian poet Granaz Moussavi. The poem depicts a woman’s struggle against the authorities to be educated. The piece is a response to this struggle and represents the independence and conviction of women’s rights across the globe to education.

Featured in Vocal Waves (September 2017).

Chromoson Movement 1, for acousmatic performance.

A work written in collaboration with visual artist Samantha Mitchell-Fin as an immersive audio-visual experience based on the phenomenon of synaesthesia. Premiere performed in 10 channel surround sound with surround video.

Featured in Radiophonic Waves (March 2018).

RhythmicPinkNoise, for acousmatic performance.

An exploration of the rhythms and frequencies in pink noise. A work written as part of an immersive audio-visual work Chromoson in collaboration with visual artist Samantha Mitchell-Fin.

Featured in Electronic Waves (April 2019), curated by Aidan Maizels.