Jaslyn Robertson


Jaslyn Robertson is a Brisbane born, Melbourne based composer. To explore new sounds and textural possibilities, her music often makes use of electronic processing and extended techniques. She has composed for world-class performers including the Swiss ensemble Vortex, trumpeter Tristram Williams, and BIFEM’s Argonaut string quartet. In 2016, she has been a part of Tilde New Music Festival, the Monash Composers Workshop at BIFEM, and Future Creatives Festival, which she ran with a collective of students. Jaslyn is currently working on a piece ‘Woven Tracks’ for Landesjugendensemble Neue Musik Berlin for Klangwerkstatt Festival in November, and a piece for guitarist Gisbert Watty and flautist Luciano Tristaino to be performed in Prato, Italy. Her work ‘Wandering’ for quartertone flugelhorn was awarded the 2015 Monash University Composition Prize. Jaslyn often collaborates with other performers and composers, writing for and performing in the Monash New Music Ensemble. Inspired by the local music scene, she has also reviewed performances of new works, which have been published in RealTime Arts magazine and on the Partial Durations new music blog.

Composer website: soundcloud.com/jaslynrobertson


A Ship Full of Scientologists, Electronics (MaxMSP patch & midi keyboard).

‘A Ship Full of Scientologists’ is a piece for midi keyboard with pitches re-assigned to a just intonation tuning system with a MaxMSP patch. The music explores the intervalic relationships of the tuning system, winding between intervals that subvert and exaggerate the unusual sound. Part of the piece is improvised, with the notes changing one by one (at times unprecedented by the performer) to longer and shorter samples of wind, water and bells.

Featured in Keyboard Waves November 2016