Kirsten Milenko


Kirsten Milenko is an Australian composer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Milenko works with vocal, instrumental and electronic media to express music as environmental phenomena. Working intimately with movement, her music embodies a constant synergy between sound and motion to capture perceptions of space. Milenko is represented with the Australian Music Centre.

Currently, she studies at the Royal Danish Academy of Music under Niels Rosing-Schow and Simon Løffler. Previously, she studied under Liza Lim, Rosalind Page, Natasha Anderson and Ursula Caporali at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music where she is a recipient of the Ignaz Friedman Memorial Prize (2015).

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Featured Works

Symphony d’aere, for Symphonic Wind Orchestra and Solo Violin.

Plastic pollution had, for a long time, seemed distant. An unravelling reality that I had never been directly effected by. It is a problem that I and many people around the world am deeply concerned about, and yet like others I had not seen the scope of how affected our world has already become. We are part of our environment, completely inseparable from its flux and its flow.

Symphony d’aere traces movements movements within the environment – as substances of both natural and manufactured origin interact, observing patterns of interaction between one singular perspective and its surrounds.

Featured in Concerto Waves, June 2018

Ex Aere, for Electronics, Soprano, Double Bass.

An analysis of light movement, this piece was performed at the City Recital Hall in July 2017 in tandem with the Unashamedly Original Computer Music Festival. It is one track on the upcoming album ‘Caeli’ which releases in September 2018 after its multistage release in Australia, Denmark and Lithuania.

Featured in Stillness Waves, September 2018

Speak, for Vocal Ensemble.

Premiere performance by DR VokalEnsemblet for Pulsar Festival 2019. This piece uses the following text: in emptiness we speak

– Kirsten Milenko

Featured in Harmonic Waves (May 2019).

Duets, for string quartet and trumpet.

A piece on the subject of finding clarity as the immediate surrounds continue to blur. Written during the Dartington Summer School and Festival for the Gildas Quartet and Lucy Humphris.

– Kirsten Milenko

Featured in Evolving Waves– November 2019