Neil Maizels


Neil Maizels is a psychotherapist, artist, writer & composer based in Melbourne. Neil uses a “kaleidoscopic” form of tonality – where multiple feeling states often collide and immerse, to produce the equivalent of a 3-D emotional effect. The result is that the listener experiences a layered, labyrinthine Dreamlike response – where time can seem to move tachyonically – both forward and backward simultaneously.

Neil has composed since childhood, with a particular fondness for manipulating tape recorders to achieve backwards music, as well as xenochronic collages. His heaviest influences range from Charles Ives, Charles Koechlin, Copland, Debussy, Herbert Howells, The Beatles, King Crimson & Vanilla Fudge.

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Featured Works

The World is Calmer Than You Would Think, for modified flute, harp, cor anglais and treated strings.

Dream-like and diaphanous – this work meshes texture and feeling into an emotional tapestry that sits still as it constantly changes. Synthesizers are made to sound real, and real instruments are made to sound synthetic.

Featured in Electronic Waves (April 2019), curated by Aidan Maizels.