Zoltan Fecso


Zoltan Fecso is a composer and multi-instrumentalist from Melbourne with an interest in electroacoustic music, known for his live performances on an augmented guitar built by luthier Ian Noyce. Zoltan’s compositions are created by combining small fragments of single notes repeating at varying speeds, inspired by ‘pointillism’, a painting technique using many small dots to create larger cohesive forms.

Composer website: https://soundcloud.com/zoltanfecso

Featured Works

Pont, for guitar, piano, percussion and electronics.

Inspired by pointillism, a painting technique using small dots to create cohesive images, Zoltan embraced this limitation and began working with repeating fragments of single notes. “Pont” begins with an ambiguous sequence to slowly reveal its tonal centre as cascading piano melodies weave between guitar points. Slow, sparse repetitions morph into melodic phrases which move and shift with each cycle.

Featured in Electronic Waves (April 2019), curated by Aidan Maizels.