Episode 6: Jenna Cave


Making Conversation, Episode 6: Antonia Zappia interviews Jenna Cave

In this episode you’ll hear

Composer: Jenna Cave
Website:  jennacave.com

interviewed by: Antonia Zappia
Website: soundcloud.com/antoniazappia

This conversation took place in Jenna’s home in Marrickville, Sydney on the 17th of November, 2016.

Show Notes

“I don’t want my music to sit in a folder collecting dust.”

Interviewer Antonia Zappia writes: “I visited Jenna on a bright morning in mid November and she greeted me graciously with baked goods and tea. We recognised, throughout our discussion, that art is a lifelong pursuit and mindfully working through the highs and lows often returns a better results. Also, compositions need to be played as folders get dusty and dust causes allergies – achoo (bless you)! Jenna’s website (http://jennacave.com/) is super fancy and she founded a 17 piece band!”

Music in this Episode

Dear Miss Upstill
Jenna Cave
Performed by Divergence Jazz Orchestra

Twerking It Nyabs Style
Jenna Cave
Performed by Divergence Jazz Orchestra

A Stranger In Helsinki
Jenna Cave
Performed by Divergence Jazz Orchestra

String Quartet No. 1
Jenna Cave
Performed by Viven Jeffery, Tom Dethlefs, James Eccles and Oliver Miller

The music you heard in the opening and closing credits is:
I/O (2014), by Eli Simic-Prosic
For diskclavier, recorded by the composer.
Used with permission.

Production Credits

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Audio consultant: Daniel Thorpe
Mixing and Mastering: Thomas Green
Executive Producers: Lisa Cheney & Peggy Polias Making Waves

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