James Hazel


James Hazel is a composer; sound artist; and researcher who has worked w/ contemporary dance, performance, new-music ensembles, soloists, and various collaborators across disciplines. James is currently interested in scoring/ritualising resistant text and sonic practices (and making) that emerge within conditions of precarity – working with found and bricolaged materials through scores, installation, performance texts, spoken word, and video.

James has presented work at/with Bundanon Trust, Vivid Sydney, Arts Incubating and Oil Tank Culture Park (Seoul, South Korea), Maitland Regional Art Gallery, Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Legs on the Wall, International Video Dance Festival of Burgundy, Metro-Arts (Brisbane), Gondwana Choirs, Backstage Music (AU), Pinnacles Gallery, Scanlines, Sydney Fringe Festival, City of Sydney, Catapult Dance/March Dance, Spineless Wonders, Lock Up Gallery, and Create NSW. James has scored an Australian Dance Award winning production; awarded the NIDA-Sponsored Emerging Artist Award; and been featured as a finalist in the 7th International Media Arts Award.

Composer website:  http://www.jameshazelcomposer.com/

Featured Works

In​/​Her​/​Him​/​Raining​/​Phosphorous​/​Gardens , for 7 -10 Concert Flutes.

This work incorporates the idea of ritual as programmatic and structural consideration. The score for this work is text based, and allows a degree of improvisation from the performers, which can include up to ten flute players.

Featured in Human Waves (October 2018)