Making Conversation, Episode 25: Lisa Cheney interviews Samantha Wolf

In this episode you’ll hear

Composer: Samantha Wolf

interviewed by: Lisa Cheney

This conversation was recorded on 23/10/2016, in Melbourne, Victoria, over tea and cookies on a particularly overcast Spring day.

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Making Conversation: “Episode 0”

In this series preview you’ll hear Lisa Cheney and Peggy Polias of Making Waves introducing the Making Conversation: Australian Composers’ Podcast.

Stay tuned for the series release on Friday 21 April 2017!  There will be conversations with 30 composers in this series, with a new one released each Friday.

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Spoken Waves (September 2016)

This month we’ve brought together a number of compositions revolving around text, especially spoken word.  The composers have employed a range of approaches, including word play, sampled recordings, or the setting of hypothetical speeches. As a result, this playlist ranges from whimsical to contemplative to highly political.

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Playlist 6: Meditative Waves

Find a comfortable place and listen in as our composers seek to entice, entrance, calm, intrigue and centre you in diverse musical ways. This month [our six month anniversary!] the new Australian works we have collected are bound together by their common meditative, introspective or entrancing outcomes. We also find the release of our ‘Meditative Waves’ Playlist very timely and strengthening, as many artists [ourselves included], practitioners and organisations brace themselves for a concerning change in our political arts policy and funding climate. All of our featured composers and ensembles will be impacted by the changes to the Australia Council funding at some stage in the future and we encourage you to lend your voice to the campaign. #freethearts

Finally, we are really pleased to have the beautiful music of Corrina Bonshek and co-curator Lisa Cheney join us again this month. We hope you enjoy this one hour of very new and diverse smooth, delicate and often meditative music.

Composers, Submit your recordings for consideration, and keep us up-to-date about your best or latest work, whether it’s for the first time, or if we have featured you in the past.

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