Vocal Waves II (August 2019)

Returning to our familiar haunt of Soundcloud this month, we are delighted to focus on the voice again this month, in a “part 2” continuation of the earlier Vocal Waves playlist (September 2017) and also the Spoken Waves playlist (September 2016). There is something centering about voice and language when it is present in music, whether for solo voices, small or large groups of singers, with or without instruments. We hope the various songs of celebration, contemplation and/or wonder from these 7 composers lead you on your own journey of reflection.

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Making Conversation, Episode 26: David John Lang interviews Rachel Bruerville

In this episode you’ll hear

Composer: Rachel Bruerville
Website: http://www.rachelbruerville.com

interviewed by: David John Lang
Website: www.davidjohnlang.com

This conversation was recorded in 2016 in a practice room at the Elder Conservatorium of Music, University of Adelaide.

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