The Conversation will be Made!

Dear Friends of Making Waves,

We’re delighted to share the news that the Making Conversation: Australian Composers’ Project is officially going ahead! Here are the latest updates about this forthcoming podcast series,  that is set to reveal some of the thoughts, opinions and secrets of composers around Australia.

Crowdfunding Target Met!

On Tuesday 10 May 2016 the Pozible crowdfunding campaign for the project closed, exceeding a target of $4000 to reach a total of $4740!  Our humblest thanks to the 82 amazing and generous people who pledged support for the project, to see it become a reality.  Your rewards are now in the works, to be posted out early June.  We’re also very grateful to the many colleagues and supporters who took a moment to share the news about the crowdfunding campaign.

The Making Conversation: Australian Composers’ Project is supported by Creative Partnerships Australia through MATCH.  We’re extremely appreciative of this support, which will see your crowdfunding contributions to our target matched dollar for dollar.

Project Team & Plans

The past week has been a busy one as we start the project planning and coordinate a team of interviewers.  We had our first official team meeting on the morning of Saturday 14 May 2016, with participants dialing in via  Skype from Adelaide, Hobart, Sydney and Washington DC to a Melbourne meeting hub.

Making Conversation Team Skype 14.05.2016

Photo credit: Sascha Kelly

We are absolutely delighted to be joined by some of the most talented and passionate music journalists in the early stages of their careers. Making Waves Producers Lisa Cheney and Peggy Polias are joined by Interviewers Leah Blankendaal, Sascha Kelly, Matthew Lorenzon and Chris Williams, as well as recent additions to the team: Angus Baxter, Stephanie Eslake, David John Lang, Rebecca Smith and Antonia Zappia.   You can find out more about each of the interviewers on the Making Waves website here.

We look forward to getting to know each interviewer’s style, and are excited that the growth of our team cements a strong connection to new music scenes in a growing list of locations Australia-wide.  This means that we can re-purpose what was originally a sizeable travel budget with a small mobile team in mind, allowing each interviewer to focus on their local community of composers. We’re proud to be investing much more than originally planned in the actual creation of content and talent of the team.

Composers: Last Call for EOIs

Composers, it’s time to let us know if you would like to be featured in a podcast! We’ve heard from some wonderful colleagues who would like to be considered for interviewing as part of Making Conversation.  Are you an Australian composer who would like to be recorded Making Conversation with an Interviewer, sometime between June-November 2016? Australian composers living in all states and territories, in addition to those residing in the US and UK will be considered. [Why? That’s were our interviewers will be!] Please email your expression of interest and residing location to with the subject line ‘Making Conversation EOI’.

This is the last call for Expressions of Interest, closing Friday 27 May 2016 at midnight, following which scheduling of all interviews will take place.

Stay Up To Date

To stay up to date with all the lastest Making Conversation: Australian Composers’ Project and Making Waves updates, we encourage you to subscribe to our E-Bulletins. Tailor your interest to ‘general news’, ‘monthly playlist releases’ or ‘composer specific’ updates.

Best wishes and thanks again,
Making Waves


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