An update

Dear Making Waves Friends,

We would like to thank you for supporting this project over the last 8+ years as we set out to shine the spotlight on the unique sounds of our art music colleagues in Australia and beyond. We were incredibly honoured to receive an APRA/AMCOS and AMC Art Music Award in 2020 as State Luminary for VIC for our work in “breaking down perceived state barriers and connecting a new generation of Australian musicians.” Shout out: this award also recognises the vital role of you, the listener.

At the beginning of 2020, looking back on five years of Making Waves, we decided to take a short unofficial “long service leave.” Like most people, we did not foresee the pandemic, and the juggling of our growing families, changing jobs, moving state, doctoral studies, homeschooling and cost of living, which required a re-balancing on all our parts. So, for now, the monthly playlists are on an extended break.

We would like to acknowledge the incredible team of volunteers throughout the country who came together between 2015-2020 to elevate the work of the art music community. Our team has been passionate and committed, continuously embodying an ingrained spirit of curiosity and generosity towards celebrating each other’s successes within the industry. On a personal level, this project has been enriching and fun, and we are proud of our achievements. In particular, representing Australian Music at Classical: Next in Rotterdam, producing the Making Conversation: Australian Composers’ Podcast, and creating pathways for you, the listener, to discover and enjoy amazing and recent new music. It has not only meant a lot to us and the composers and musicians who created the music. It has been a pleasure to give our time to a project that is very close to our hearts.

Whilst we take some time to rest and dream up our next creative adventure, we encourage you to explore the website, visit archived playlists, or the Making Conversation Podcast featuring interviews with 29 Australian composers.


Peggy and Lisa

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