Playlist 9: Marketplace Waves

Recent Australian music from Bandcamp.

This month we are excited to bring you something a little different. Welcome to our Bandcamp Bazaar! Below you will find a tantalising offering of full length albums (yes, we’re breaking our 1-hour “rule”!) of recent music by some of Australia’s most exciting early to mid-career composers. All of the albums featured here are available to purchase or stream from Bandcamp directly, so what are you waiting for? Feel free to seize your chance to explore and support our artists and composers directly by purchasing and sharing all of their hard work.

To put this list together we’ve delved into the Bandcamp-hosted music among our submissions, as well as the offerings of composers previously featured by Making Waves in 2015.

Explore three featured albums.

Here are three albums from incredibly talented artists and composers that we think you will enjoy. We’ve included one solo album from the distinctive output of composer Andrée Greenwell, as well as several compilations featuring various composers that we thought were a nice fit with the Making Waves brief.

Three Serpents, new album from Barega Saxophone Quartet released 12/06/2015.
Features composers: Michael Bakrnčev, Andrew Ball, Louise Denson, Andrew Garton, Thomas Green.
Barega Saxophone Quartet: Emma Di Marco, Sarah Henderson, Andrew Ball, Samantha Mason

Laquiem: Tales from the Mourning of the Lac Women, by Andrée Greenwell, released 10/06/2014.  A haunting and powerful song cycle which has also been presented in stage and film formats.
Performers: Karen Cummings – soprano, Andrée Greenwell – voice, Clare Grant – spoken voice, Naomi Radom – violin, Jane Williams – cello, Leigh Giles – percussion, Marshall McGuire – harp.

Beta, new album from Kammerklang released 12/08/2015.
Features composers: Sam Gillespie, Lucy Kong, Cameron Lam, Sarah Myerson, Peggy Polias, Marcus Whale, Chris Williams.

Click the play button to stream audio, or the album title, ‘buy’ and/or ‘share’ links to proceed through to the Bandcamp page listing full album and recording details.

While you’re navigating Bandcamp…

The Australian new music scene is brimming with exciting new works.  Here’s a selection of albums featuring work by composers featured by Making Waves earlier in 2015.

Composers, have we missed your album/page?  Let us know via the Making Waves Submissions page .

Listeners, we’d love to hear about your experience, especially with the radically different format this month. Share your thoughts or send messages of support to our featured composers and performers in the comment box below.

Importantly, Bandcamp is a platform that allows independent artists to sell their digital and hard-copy recordings and merchandise, as well as sharing streamable audio.  While our focus is on the audio rather than “spruiking”, we do hope that the efforts of composers, performers and micro-labels who are making this music available are rewarded, and we encourage our listeners to show their support by purchasing the tracks or albums that they like the best, as well as including a brief review of any purchases, sharing the music, adding it to wishlists, and following artists.

The Marketplace Waves playlist will be featured until 31 October, 2015, when we add our next listening journey. All previous playlists will be available in our blog archives for the life of the project, so please do explore the website for previously featured sounds.

P.S. To our email and RSS subscribers, thank you for your patience this month – we inadvertently sent a draft of this post out several days early!

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